redPanda - secure peer to peer chat

Welcome to redPanda.

We are developing a peer-to-peer instant messaging system in our spare time.

It is open sourced via as a library and a command line client for windows and linux written in Java. The client written in Qt is currently not very stable.
Our main focus is the android application, which you can download at the google play store. For all downloads you can have a look at
You can find installation instructions for linux and windows at install.txt.

For questions or discussion have a look at our subreddit /r/redPandaProject.

Current prioritized working regions (updated 8.21.2015): White-paper, improve p2p logic.

The forum has been closed.

Some stats:
Our main node, which is configured to never delete messages, has stored 398399 messages since Thu, 11 Jul 2013 08:42:21 GMT in the database which are used for the following graphics.

Graphics generated just for you.
(Some data is missing.)